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1125 Cripple Creek Drive
Lawrenceville, GA, 30043
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Nisewonger Audio Visual Center is a family owned company dedicated to providing educators with the latest in audio visual equipment for use in classrooms across Georgia. We offer over 45 years of experience in sales, service, and installation.

AV System Solutions

VISIX Digital Signage

Ashley Yates

Digital Signage Players

We offer Visix digital signage players with the AxisTV software application running on Windows 10 IoT as an integrated product. All of our players have built-in security, including Windows Firewall, to ensure your data is protected at all times.

Visix digital signage players support both static and dynamic IP addresses, and remote updates and diagnostics allow maximum accessibility to deliver information quickly. All of our players are quality tested – OS, chip set compatibility, playback, etc. – so they are highly reliable for signage systems.

All Visix digital signage players have an integrated backup and recovery software application that allows you to restore your media player back to its factory OS and software configuration, if ever needed.  You can also easily set up additional recovery points.

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