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1125 Cripple Creek Drive
Lawrenceville, GA, 30043
United States


Nisewonger Audio Visual Center is a family owned company dedicated to providing educators with the latest in audio visual equipment for use in classrooms across Georgia. We offer over 45 years of experience in sales, service, and installation.

History of NAVC

 Nisewonger AV was founded in 1968 by Jim Nisewonger.  Before starting the company, Jim played Triple A baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 5 years.  He still says his claim to fame was getting a $2K signing bonus by Pittsburgh while Mickey Mantle only received a $1.5K signing bonus.  During the winter months, when he was not traveling for baseball, Jim held several different jobs including a coffee route, working for Lockheed Martin, GM and an educational supply company.  When the educational supply company suddenly let Jim go, he decided to start an audio visual company focusing on K12 education with the back commissions that he was owed.  Nisewonger Audio Visual Center was born. 

In the early days Jim focused all his attention on service and getting to know the customer.  These are the same values we carry with us today.  Technology may have changed during our 50 years, but the level of service and commitment to our customers has not.  We carry with us these same values today.  You can ask Jim today how many years he worked and he’ll tell you that he never worked a day in his life.  He enjoyed every part of it. 

In 1980, his son Randy started working in the business.  Randy started in the field delivering and installing .  He then moved into the office where he became the VP of sales and operations and is currently the President of the company.  We currently have 10 employees and continue to support the K12 market focusing on innovation, design and integrity.  While our business is always changing because of the technology market, some things do not change.  Our customer focused attitude and level of service is the very cornerstone of who we are as a company. 

We are focused on innovative technology solutions with a consultant approach to design and implementation.  We focus on maintaining a high level of integrity in everything we do.  We are Nisewonger AV.  We are advancing technology with old-fashioned personal service!