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eBeam Edge for Education Enlivens Classrooms

Put Down the Chalk and Pick Up the Future

Transform existing classroom whiteboards and walls into interactive teaching spaces with the eBeam Edge for Education.

About the size of a board eraser and lighter than a box of chalk, the eBeam Edge for Education is the most fully-featured mobile interactive whiteboard system on the market.

eBeam Edge for Education has rich curriculum resources built right in to make lesson planning easy. Installation takes minutes and requires no special tools.

The portable unit works with standard projectors and both Windows® and Macintosh® computers. Affordable and eco friendly, the eBeam Edge integrates seamlessly with existing applications.



Measures less than 8 inches
Weighs less than 4 oz.
Easy and flexible installation options
Activates the largest image area in the market
– up to a 9′ x 5′ (123″ diagonal) projected image
Can be placed along any “edge” of the board
Integrated receiver magnets make attaching to a metallic board a snap

Includes stainless steel mounting plate for no-fuss installation on non-magnetic surfaces
Smaller than a regular whiteboard marker
Three-button stylus with left and right click and instant access to eBeam software tools
Newly designed hardware and firmware allow for virtually no lag time between pen and pixel


Windows® – compatible PC with Pentium™ IV Processor

1.4GHz+ processor and 512 MB RAM
Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista or 7
100 MB of available disk space recommended
CD ROM Drive or Internet Connection
Available USB 2.0 Port

Macintosh® Power PC®/ Intel™

400MHz+processor and 1G RAM Mac
Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.6
100 MB of available disk space recommended
CD ROM Drive or Internet Connection
Available USB 2.0 PortScreen Recorder Requirements*:
Pentium IV processor
1.4Ghz, with 512MB RAM
*This feature is currently only available on the Windows platform.




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